NLP - Creating Change
NLP - Creating Change

Nicky Mitchell 


NLP Life Coach and IEMT Therapist 


Welcome to my website where I hope you will find information that will motivate you to Create Change in your Life



Creating Change Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

"Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top.

Then you will see how low it was".

                                                                                           Dag Hammarskjold


NLP What's in a Name ?


NLP explores the relationship between how we think (Neuro)   


How we communicate verbally and non-verbally (Linguistic)


And our patterns of behaviour and emotion (Programme)


Who is driving your bus?  are you?  or are you a passenger? 

If you want to take control and really push forward with your life  then NLP is for YOU!


Why is it Useful?



NLP enables you to change your behaviour and to challenge any beliefs, habits or negative emotions that may be holding you back in life.


NLP is  also known as a "Talking Therapy" as you discuss the way to change your behaviour and thinking patterns using easy to apply techniques.


It looks at the way we think rather than what we are thinking or doing.


By looking at the way we think and behave we can pay very close attention to the automatic patterns we run daily that may be giving us results that we don't actually want!


Because approximately 95% of what we do as human beings is done on auto-pilot, it's no wonder that sometimes we are not behaving at our best or tapping into our inner strengths.



Why Should I consider NLP Coaching?


The beauty of NLP is that it focuses on the here and now and although it recognises that there may be triggers in the past, it looks at how you want to be feeling and acting now - without the need to dredge over past hurts.


It dynamically moves you forward to create the change you desire.


NLP allows us to re-programme ourselves a bit like re-booting our computer!


NLP can help:

Creating Change in your Lifestyle




" To get something you never had you have to do something you never did "   ( Unknown )

OK - So how many times have you promised yourself you won't do a certain thing - i.e. Check the front door is locked several times before leaving the house?  Or acted in a certain way and then before you know it - Wham! - you've done it again!


We have all been there and sometimes it may feel like an impossible task to change behaviour that has become second nature.

The truth is - change is easy!


The reason is the actual decision to make a change is formed in your Conscious Brain using rational thought.........The tricky bit comes with carrying that change through and sticking with it - that is because habits are controlled by our Unconscious Brain.  This is why we get stuck on Auto Pilot, repeating behaviour / feelings / emotions that we don't even want!


Lifestyle Changes - whatever change you want to make, such as getting rid of a phobia or fear, to dropping a clothes size or public speaking -  it all requires time and support.


Motivation and willpower are great tools to tackle short term goals.  Longer term lifestyle changes require a different approach and that is where I come in!


I fully understand the Mind Body connection - how our Subconscious Brain can trick us or keep us stuck and what it takes to promote a permanent change in our behaviour. 


Working together, we will commit to creating a future that works for you.  You will start acting in a way that forms positive habits, which will then become so second nature you won't even be aware of them. In turn this will result in changed behaviour.............You will feel and act in a way you have always wanted.


Think of your brain as a computer - NLP simply changes the programme.


You will have created a positive change that will last and the beauty of NLP is that unlike traditional Therapy, you will not need lots of sessions. Within just a few hours you will be acting and feeling differently.


I truly believe there is no such thing as failure - you just need more time to succeed.




If you have tried in the past to change your behaviour and always reverted back to type


Then maybe it is time to give NLP a go!

"I am forever grateful to Nicky. I used to suffer from bad anxiety and low self esteem.  Before seeing Nicky, I had tried several other routes with no success. She helped me by giving me the tools to deal with it and grow as a person. I felt she cared that you succeeded and wasn't just there for the money.

I have since achieved everything I set out to and so much more. I would never have done it all without her guidance and support".  MT


Take a look at testimonials from other satisfied clients who have recieved NLP and/or IEMT Therapy


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