Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Are you suffering from unwanted emotions due to being in Combat, a Victim of Crime or experiencing a Trauma?



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur after being exposed to a severely stressful event where physical and /or emotional harm occurred or was threatened.

It happens in response to situations where people feel helpless, vulnerable and afraid.


        Symptons of PTSD -  often include:   



         Constant Stress & Worry


         Feeling Detached from Life

         Inability to sleep                                   



NLP and IEMT will eliminate the flashbacks and emotional anguish without the need to re-live the event or go into any details and talk about what actually happened.

Memories are permanently removed or no longer have a negative effect.

Effects of PTSD are not able to be controlled on a conscious level as the problems sit in the sub-conscious mind.


NLP and IEMT allows us to work at a deep neurological sub-conscious level and erase the memories for good - or at the very least change the effect they are having on your daily life.


In a nutshell IEMT allows you to return to normal life activities.


Find out how IEMT can help you overcome Traumatic Events


The results are immediate and long lasting from such a short term intervention ...........No long drawn out sessions needed!


Using NLP and IEMT I aim to give you the ability to take back control of your life and to make a noticeable difference within 1 - 3 sessions


TESTIMONIAL       read testimonial from a client who had PTSD

Combat Stress Reaction


This is a military term to describe acute behavioural disorganisation seen by Military Personnel as a direct result of the trauma of war. Also known as Combat Fatigue or Battle Neurosis..................(source Wikipedia)


Combat Stress and PTSD are very different conditions and need to be dealt with accordingly.


Unfortunately Combat Stress is often seen as an expected and predictable reaction to combat and can be ignored or overlooked.

If it is left unresolved or not given the time and attention it needs to be treated, there is a possibility it will lead to further complications with regard to mental well-being.


There is a strong link between Combat Stress and PTSD as symptons do overlap.

If left unresolved Combat Stress can result in PTSD and Depression along with other debilitating conditions. It may also result in addictive behaviour.


Symptons of Combat Stress Reaction - often include feelings of:








            Exaggerated Startle Response




Sometimes talking about your experiences does help and often the first step is to talk to other War Veterans.

This however may not be enough or you may feel you need to share your thoughts and feelings with someone totally independent who will not bring their own experiences into it - after all it is about you.

If you have been an active member of the Forces and want to better understand your trauma, then I can help.





If you are struggling to know who you are now, today, we will work to rebuild your self esteem and identity.


I will support you to process any loss and grief you are feeling and most of all you will learn really easy to use techniques that will alter your mindset automatically and allow you to rebuild your confidence and embrace your future.



On the other hand if reliving your time in the Services does not appeal to you or feels too daunting, then IEMT is the way forward!


It allows us to work totally content free and in a very short space of time your memories will lose their negative impact and flashbacks will lessen and become much less disturbing.

IEMT gives you back control of your life.


I have had some amazing results with clients in just one single session!

Is what you are doing today shaping your tomorrow?

If so how is the future looking?  Could it be better? 

If the answer is yes......please get in touch



For more information about Trauma Issues please feel free to contact me in complete confidence.


Mobile:  0772916671



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