Testimonials for Nicky
Testimonials for Nicky

NLP is the Difference that makes a Difference


Here are a selection of testimonials showing the positive results that can be achieved by engaging in Coaching Sessions together........ we can work with both NLP & IEMT Therapy


REMOTE COACHING - The way to continue Coaching during Covid! 


I will be continuing to offer all of my Coaching sessions remotely for the time being.

I am classed as Clinically High Risk & Extremely Vulnerable due to my Chronic Auto Immune Disease.



Anxiety & Depression.    Zoom Coaching 


Since I started NLP with Nicky my whole life and my whole mindset has taken some huge turns, huge steps and undeniable positive outcomes.

The funny thing is at no point have I found any of this overwhelming, if anything the changes happen subtly and it’s only as I look back and see how far I have come I can see the huge benefits I have gained and I know that my coaching sessions with Nicky have been the catalyst for all of it, without her I would have never taken the steps I needed to get where I am now. I don’t think I would have even recognised the problems I had for what they were, in fact at the beginning I was in denial about it all, I blamed my circumstances for the dark place I was in mentally and I thought that nobody can change my circumstances so I was beyond help, it was only a stern push from a friend that put me in touch with Nicky and I was sceptical about the whole thing.


Now 6months on I look back and I know that it was the best thing that could have happened, it’s not easy, it takes work and it takes time but Nicky has been there every step to guide and support me.


I cannot recommend Nicky enough and if you feel like I did I urge you to take the step and try it, what have you got to loose by trying?

I will carry everything I have learnt forward with me forever and keep looking to a better and brighter future

Thank you Nicky


Stress & Anxiety       Zoom Coaching


Nicky was recommended to me by a friend who has used the NLP process to aid their mental troubles, and this was my first at any form of therapy or mental help assistance, as I did not believe I needed help. I was very wrong, using very simple methods, I have improved my mental state and accepted change with open arms, and have seen major improvements. All it took was a guiding hand, some very simple techniques and I realised to simply let things go and just embrace things on a more positive approach. Cannot recommend Nicky enough for these techniques, certainly will keep using these techniques and continue to improve my mental health.





Fear of Needles        Zoom Coaching


I cannot recommend Nicky enough, today I conquered my fear of needles and had my Covid Vaccination.

I had always been really anxious about needles, which stemmed back to my childhood when I fainted at school queuing up for a vaccination.

After just one session with Nicky and using the techniques that she gave me and understanding what I was putting myself thru all these years, I had my vaccination feeling in control and calm, something that I have never had since my childhood bad experience.


It felt so amazing to not feel anxious leading up to the big day and to feel calm and in control today, I was so happy and know now that I can do it again without fear.


Thank you so much Nicky xx




Anxiety & Depression   Telephone Coaching         


Anybody experiencing difficulty with life and feel they’ve lost control of their mental state then Nicky is your lifeline.


I’ve gone through life feeling very content with myself and with everything around me. Then out of the blue I was on a rapid downward spiral with anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts which hit me for six. I couldn’t understand how all of a sudden I had no control of my mind and how it could turn so ugly so quickly. This was me now at my lowest ever point so I made that appointment to speak with the GP who prescribed me medication. This is something I didn’t really want to take and rely on and for any amount of time but felt it was my only option.


That same week I had overheard a conversation at my works regarding Nicky and what she can do for those struggling.

The first phone call to Nicky was about to be the most important phone call I’d  ever make. From this point onwards there was hope and direction. Nicky’s techniques and strategies has changed the way I think and feel and I am happy to say that I am back to the person I used to be.


Thank you Nicky






Panic Attacks in Lockdown           (Remote Coaching)


NLP with Nicky has changed my life! I am blown with the progress I have made with only 4 sessions! When the first lock-down hit  I began experiencing horrible anxiety, panic attacks and had no confidence or belief in myself that I could overcome this.

After 4 sessions with Nicky, she has taught me practical and straightforward techniques that I can easily apply to everyday life. These techniques have enabled me to overcome my anxiety and panic attacks.


I highly recommend NLP sessions with Nicky, she is a lovely person, who pitches each session to suit you, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease throughout each and every session. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for Nicky's help thank you so much!"






Anxiety     (Remote Coaching)


 I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how I've been getting on since our last session. What you've done for me is incredible! I still have days when I am angry or depressed or anxious but I now can recognise that emotion and use the skills you've given me to cope. I've also become good at realising sometimes I am just having a bad day and that's okay and recognise that it no longer defines me or let it control me.


The feeling of guilt is pretty much non-existent now, when I feel it coming on or any other feeling that I know I don't want to feel I can shut it down. The eye movement trick you taught me has really been life changing. I don't look back on my past with fear and regret any more, I know what has happened is bad but it's not who I am any more.


We have now got an old dog (10 years old) who helps me with the feeling of loneliness and my bad days. It's also helped me get out of the house and go for walks more which has benefited me greatly. Now things have reopened more I have made sure I am doing something that I genuinely love as much as I can. This week we are off to the brecon beacons in Wales to camp and take in the views! Which is something I would have put off and would have stayed stuck in my old habits.


I am eternally grateful for everything you taught me. I feel strong, independent and free to live my life and not live with that dark cloud above me any more. Thank you for helping me find the happiness in my life again.







(Remote Coaching)


I was recommended to speak to Nicky as felt I needed some guidance.

After having trauma after trauma in my life, I wanted help to feel more connected with my life and feelings.


After only a few sessions and some serious homework, I started to feel lifted, started declining negative thoughts and as a result of this I naturally felt more attached to my world and its going ons.


I found Nicky approachable, non judgemental and available as and when needed.


Highly recommended for life changing techniques that will enhance your life.










Hi Nicky, thank you for my session the other day. I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t work if I wasn’t sat in your lovely little room with you but, it did! I sat on my bed and felt comfortable in my environment. I was so relaxed that the visualisation technique worked a treat! To anyone who thinks it won’t be as good or you won’t get as much out of it, you will!

It’s a really tough time for people at the moment and being able to talk about how your feeling is more important than ever! I also can’t miss out on hearing how the donks are doing! ?









So yesterday was my first session with Nicky following a recommendation from a very good friend.

Due to the current situation the session was held via Skype.

To me, although it would have been great for a face to face meeting, this did not affect the most valuable, interesting and greatly helpful 2 hrs spent with Nicky, who made everything clear and concise along with being warm, friendly and enthusiastic.

I came away from the session feeling amazing and I am really looking forward to my next chat with Nicky.

Thank you Nicky.








I had my coaching session with Nicky this week over Skype and I can honestly say I got as much from it as if I were seeing her in person. It’s a scary time we are living in at the moment and Nicky was able to provide me with some really useful tools to bring me through. Whilst we may not have been sat together in the hut there was no difference to the session at all.

If this continues to my next session I will be looking forward to having speaking over Skype again!

Thanks Nicky for your continued help and support.




PTSD            Telephone.   (Social Distancing for IEMT)




I was recommended to Nicky in the summer of this year  as I was suffering from PTSD and the breakdown of my marriage. The thought of reaching out and asking for help was daunting,I had had some regular counselling before, and it didn't really have the impact that I had hoped for. As soon as I spoke to Nicky on the phone, I got a sense that this was going to be different, Immediately I was at ease and although it was just an initial chat to see if Nicky could help, I came off the phone feeling positive.


I had 4 sessions including IEMT, each session was tailored specifically to my needs; not once did I feel under any pressure, I didn't feel rushed and everything that was discussed was pitched at a level that I could understand. The exercises and homework that I was given had a massive impact on my circumstances. When things were not working for me it was never a problem, we would find another route to go down and try again.


The IEMT blew my mind quite literally flashbacks and triggers for me no longer dominate my daily routine and anything that creeps up on me now can be dealt with using simple exercises.


Nicky I cant thank you enough for your help and support during my darkest hours. Your energy and passion for your work is infectious 




Self Confidence


"Hmmm?        so today I did something I never thought I would….. I went out in the evening on my own to watch concert streamed at the cinema.

I would never have had the guts to do this before I met Nicky and her brilliant coaching.
You really have changed my life.

I was sat this morning at 7:30am updating my action plan, and music is now featuring in a big way. I saw this concert advertised months ago but knew I would never go alone but today I bought a ticket and just went".






Fear of Public Speaking


Thank you so much for everything you have done Nicky, I absolutely smashed it and I couldn't have done it without you. As soon as I got the first laugh / cheer in (early in my speech), nerves just completely went away.

It felt incredible being up there and I actually really enjoyed it.

As soon as I got up in the morning I got myself in a really good frame of mind and said today's the day, let's smash this. I only had 1 hour sleep as well because my brain just wouldn't switch off - haha! 

So so proud of myself and I got so many compliments.

You truly are a miracle worker xxx






Low Self-Esteem



Nicky was recommended to me by a family friend as I was suffering from low self-esteem and I will be forever grateful for all her help. At our first meeting I was immediately put at ease and felt very relaxed.

Nicky tailored her techniques to suit my needs and was very encouraging all the way through; always there when and if I needed. Everything was explained clearly and practiced together; most importantly Nicky listened. The therapy has had a huge impact on me and my relationships with family, friends and at work.

I am significantly more confident and will put her techniques to use for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend her to everyone; she’s brilliant; a lifelong friend.




My outlook on living and being came to life when I met Nicky for personal development guidance 2 years ago.


I have never looked back and see Nicky on a regular basis. I have come from the lowest of self astern, rock bottom in fact to being a super confident women who doesn’t feel held back from any of life’s challenges or people I meet.


Everyone should have a Nicky by their side.










Lack of Direction


When I first went to see Nicky I was so unhappy and had no direction in my life. Nicky made me realise that a lot of

the things that were happening were very much in my control and she gave me techniques to stop dwelling on things. During this crazy time we are living through at the moment I have been reflecting about just how lucky I am right now.


I believe that I am where I am thanks to Nicky. 5 ⭐️ ?










Anger Management 


"After suffering with anxiety and anger management issues I was a little lost with who to see or where to go for support.

Within the first session Nicky made me feel relaxed and comfortable that she could help me. I was given techniques to help with certain issues and had to practice these at home. I then proceeded to see Nicky every couple of weeks to see how I was doing and to look at other techniques that may work for me. I have now been seeing Nicky for several months and I feel totally different, I'm generally more relaxed and don't get as worked up about things that would have sent me over the edge before.

Nicky certainly knows what she's talking about and is able to give you techniques that work for you. If you don't think there's anything that can help, I'm sure Nicky will have something up her sleeve I would highly recommend Nicky to anybody that feels they need a little help and guidance from someone who cares and knows what they're talking about."

A definite 10/10!     





" When I came to see you I had issues regarding my temper and patience. During the course of our sessions you helped me to control my issues and change the way I reacted in certain situations.  I found our sessions extremely helpful and the quality of my relationships with my wife, family and friends improved hugely.  I found your service to be very professional but at the same time very personal and understanding.

Thank you very much for your help during a difficult time in my life ".

Kind regards       







Weight Loss 


"I am really delighted with how my sessions went with you. I have lost 2 stone in weight and feel that I definitely now have control over food. I have used your techniques to get through Christmas (a little bit extra but definitely under my control).  I have even been to the gym several times on my own and am really enjoying it.

If I feel my eating is getting slightly out of control I take myself back to our sessions and practice everything you taught me again until it comes easily. I can even sit and watch other people eat things that I would have craved before and not feel the slightest bit envious as I know if I want it I can have it but I choose not to. I don't miss the chocolate, the small quantity I have eaten I have liked, but not loved! The only thing I sometimes crave is real crisps! If the feeling gets too great I can now allow myself a small bag and know that will be enough. I used to eat a bag everyday and sometimes 2 or 3.

All my family have said how much happier I seem in myself and a lot of people are noticing the reduction in weight.
Thanks so much Nicky you have given me control over my life".  








Weight Loss with Aversion Therapy


Hey lovely lady, just a quick update....no refined sugar....feeling fantastic....loads more energy....realising a lot of things I did that just weren’t healthy choices....loving not having to even consider chocolate even at the weekends...saving loads of money that I use to waste on crap and finally lost a stone already!!

Best choice we made to do that aversion therapy thank u so much I feel like I have my life back xxxx





 Teenage Clients


" Thank you so much for everything! You have opened many new paths and doors for me and I finally feel back on track!

Around Christmas time I felt my life was ruined and saw no light at the end of the tunnel, but now I am very happy and feel like every day I make more and more improvements and progress thanks to your amazing work!

So thank you again for helping me find myself! " 







"Only 4 sessions and my teenage son has turned a massive corner.

I can't  recommend Nicky enough. A happier teenager means a happier house".    







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