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About Nicky

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       The Brain fascinates me! 


I often wonder how does one person experience the same thing as another yet come up with a totally different reaction, mindset, attitude and behaviour?  What motivates us?  What gets us out of bed in the morning?

I just love getting into peoples heads!


I really enjoy Creating Change in others and enabling people to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.  I truly believe that we can achieve anything we set our minds to - we just need to be motivated enough to do it!


My role as an NLP Life Coach and  IEMT Therapist enables me to motivate my clients to achieve and often exceed their goals.


Having gone through a lot of personal highs and lows over the years, I can honestly say that I have fully embraced change myself.  I have been on the roller coaster journey of Personal Development and looked my demons in the face!

This is why I have now arrived at a place where I am able to support and unlock change in others.


"The scars you share become lighthouses for people who are headed for the same rocks you hit"                                                                                                                                (unknown)

My Approach

Because one size does not fit all - I work in a flexible, relaxed manner and my approach varies according to your particular needs - there is no script!  Ultimately I ask questions that will raise awareness within you and prompt growth.
We talk, really talk and I listen to what you are telling me and I also pick up on what you are not telling me - often that is where the good stuff lives! We move forward at a pace that is comfortable to you.
In between sessions I will ask you to practice any techniques we have covered - You must be committed to do your homework!
The beauty of NLP is that it can be applied to any area of your life, whether it be a Fear or Phobia that is keeping you stuck or Anxiety that rears its head.  I can help you.


Alongside working with negative behaviour and things you no longer want, NLP is a great way for you to get the most out of life, to be the best you can and to really be the "driver of your own bus and not just a passenger!"



In essence, if you are not happy with your life

change it...........


NLP has been described as "The Owners Manual To Your Brain" by Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP. I totally agree!
Having experienced NLP, first as a client and then having completed my Practitioner Training, I can only describe the benefits as:
No longer living my life by Default
No longer looking at things through rice paper
Suddenly feeling fully in control
Able to see things clearly
I learnt to manage my emotions in a way that served me rather than sabotaged me.
I have a particular interest in Weight Loss and food issues and the causes of Yo -Yo Dieting/ Comfort Eating.
More information about my new Weight Loss Coaching Packages can be found on IEMT Therapy page.
Give me a call today on 07729166971  for a chat about how you can make the most out of life and fulfil your true potential.

I work with Adults and Teenagers

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