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Talking Therapy

NLP is the Difference that makes a Difference

Taking Control using NLP


What you are doing TODAY is shaping your TOMORROW


                          If you are ready to let go of unwanted thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back then NLP is for you !

                 Using techniques that are both easy to learn and apply you can start living the life you want and turn your dreams into reality.


You have a choice to take control of your future or let it happen by de-fault. 

Which will you choose ? 




Stress and Anxiety


Life can be a struggle at times and can result in us being stressed and worried.

Whilst a certain amount of stress can be used to our advantage and galvanise us into action, too much can have  adverse effects on you, your health and those around you.

Using NLP you can learn to control how you respond when life gets tough.


Together we will look at ways of managing your stress levels and implement changes that will enable you to feel more in control, along with managing your thoughts and reactions to events.


NLP shows you that you have a choice to either

Respond or React!




Anger Management


We all feel angry from time to time - it is normal - it is part of being a human-being.

Problems can occur however if your anger gets out of control, leading to violent outbursts or if it becomes totally overwhelming.


Anger is fuelled by certain emotions and NLP will enable you to recognise what triggers these emotions and give you easy to use techniques to dispel the feelings that cause the negative behaviour.


You will learn coping strategies that result in a change in your attitude and over time these will become second nature.


The end result will be you feeling calm and controlled with very little rattling your cage!






Habits are built by practice, repeating behaviour over and over until we are able to perform it automatically. This is great when you are swinging a golf club or riding a bike, not so great when it is a negative behaviour!


It is quite normal to double check the front door is locked or the oven is off - the problem occurs when obsessive thoughts and behaviours interfere with your daily life and relationships.


As habits are carried out sub-consciously, working together we can raise them into your conscious awareness and quite literally break the habit once and for all.


The NLP techniques used are great for habits such as nail biting or smoking, amongst many others.




Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Habit formation is an integral part of OCD.

You may well  be experiencing uncontrollable unwanted thoughts and repetitive rituals that you feel compelled to carry out.


Whilst you know these rituals  are irrational, you are unable to resist them as you feel something bad will happen if you don't do them.  Your brain gets stuck, a bit like a record player!


If you suffer with any of the following - then I can help.


  • Afraid of Contamination
  • Checking things over and over
  • Perfectionism - something bad will happen if you do not get it right
  • Obsessed with order, certain numbers or colours
  • Hoarding items


It is time to break free from these unwanted thoughts and behaviours and take back control of your life



Panic Attacks



Panic attacks can be caused by re-living a past trauma, worrying over a future event or by thinking that a situation is dangerous and so sending your body into Fight or Flight mode. 


You will probably experience one or more of the following physical symptons as well.


  • Heart palpitations                          
  • Nausea
  • Choking sensation                         
  • Light headed
  • Hot / Cold Flushes                       
  • Muscle spasms
  • Dizziness                                          
  • Disorientation



We are all different so our triggers will be different.

By working together we will figure out what your triggers are and then apply easy to learn techniques that will allow you to nip it in the bud.


We can literally re-train your brain to respond differently next time, so the panic does not take hold and no longer has a place.

Once you have learnt these NLP techniques you will soon rid yourself of the panic and finally be free to enjoy life.


Alongside the NLP techniques I can work totally content free if necessary by using Integral Eye Movement Therapy, so there is no need for you to re-live past traumatic events.  You just get to break free from the panic attacks and live life to the full.


Stop being a slave to the panic and start to enjoy life again




Coaching for Teenagers

Ever feel like you are not listened to or nobody Gets You!


A normal part of growing up and becoming a teenager is experiencing Teenage Angst!

However in todays highly pressurised world some young people face more challenges than others and may need extra support in order to cope with their problems.


NLP allows you to easily make sense of your feelings, gain confidence and in turn deal with the challenges of being a teenager.


The initial consultation will be carried out with your parent/guardian present, however no input is needed from them - in fact they have to be quiet!

We talk about YOUR feelings, YOUR needs and the behaviour YOU want to change.

Further sessions will then be on a one to one basis with the consent

of your parent/guardian. 


I work with age 13 and above.


You are free to discuss your wants and needs confidentially without fear of upsetting anyone or having to conform to the norm.


I can help you with any of the following:


  • Anger                         
  • Body Image              
  • Self Esteem              
  • Confidence
  • Self Harm                 
  • Bullying
  • Anxiety                     
  • Exam Nerves

If you feel you need the space and time to get to grips with what is bugging you, then book a consultation today.

NLP believes that people already have all the resources they need to make change.

Sometimes we just need help to discover and develop those inner resources.

This is where NLP Techniques come into their own


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